Clare Loughrige is back today to discuss mold. If you’ve been listening to the podcast or following my story, you’ll know that my family and I were suffering from toxic mold exposure. We suffered terribly for years and have only recently started feeling like we’re on the mend.

I’ve been studying and learning and sharing my knowledge about mold now that I know the tragic consequences it can have on the human body. I’m also producing a documentary to shed more light on this topic. The focus of today’s discussion though, is how mold is discussed in the Bible.

In Leviticus there are passages sharing how to recognize mold and what to do with items that are infected with mold. Clare shares her take on other aspects of Leviticus as well and why we have to keep in mind that the Bible was written to civilize us. When you look at certain topics through a different lens, such as women being removed from camp while going through their cycle, the impact changes. Listen in as she shares why this was a Biblical woman’s girl’s trip!

Clare believes that we are currently living out the “next” chapter of Acts. The book of Acts was written to share the miracles of human interaction after the death of Jesus. Those miracles still occur every single day. Acts didn’t end, we’re still writing it.

I love having Clare on the show to share her insights on all things spiritual. You won’t want to miss her advice and thoughts on how my Enneagram score and my drive to share more knowledge about mold are directly correlated with the teachings in the Bible. Listen in and be enlightened.

  • [00:28] Back on the show is Clare Loughrige to discuss mold.
  • [02:05] Clare comments on Shemane’s Enneagram number and her desire to inform others about the dangers of mold.
  • [03:50] What does the Bible say about mold?
  • [04:12] Why Leviticus is still relevant today, despite the jaw dropping sentiments in the chapter.
  • [05:40] A new interpretation of the stories of Leviticus.
  • [07:44] How the Enneagram means understanding yourself and being prepared to live out God’s purpose in your life.
  • [08:27] Don’t use bleach on mold. Learn why.
  • [10:35] What else does the Bible tell us about mold?
  • [14:40] Mold is a slow killer – learn what mold exposure can cause.
  • [16:51] Let your wounds become sacred wounds and bring healing to others.





“The Bible was written to civilize us.” Clare Loughrige

“God gives wisdom, to particular people in particular times in history to deal with… crises.” Clare Loughrige

“When we know better, we do better.” Clare Loughrige

“Our transformation is for the glory of God, the abundance of our own souls, and for the sake of others.” Dr. Ruth Haley Barton


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